Help us take cryptocurrency investing to the next level.

What do you get when you put a driven team to work on building some of the most efficient portfolios for the world to invest in, without having to worry about doing all the research, avoiding the issues, and the typical hassles involved with private keys and wallets?

You get coinwealth.

CNW is the native cryptocurrency of the coinwealth platform.

Help us make crypto-investing simple and hassle-free for all.

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CoinWealth Token (CNW) Benefits

  • Staking: Token holders can lock their tokens to be paid a staking reward every 10 days. This requires them to reserve their tokens from any usage.

  • Exclusives: CoinWealth will introduce segments that will allow exclusive benefits to CNW holders and users including Portfolios that will only be available for application using the CNW token. This will include a proposed Tokenization initiative and an NFT Portfolio of art.

  • Fee Discounts: Token holders can use the tokens to pay fees when they purchase units of the Portfolios through any of the CoinWealth channels and on Algo products offered under the Stocktrix brand.

  • Repurchase: The team will use 10% of the profits generated by the Fees from CoinWealth Portfolios and assign them to a central reserve to either support liquidity or burn them to permanently reduce the supply of such tokens.


We'd be achieving the following over next 12 months.

  1. Q1


    Private & Public Release of CoinWealth Platform

  2. Q2


    Private & Public Release of CoinWealth Platform + Exchange Offerings, CoinWealth Portfolios across all major exchanges in India

  3. Q3


    Leveraged & Algo Trading Products

  4. Q4


    Exchange-Traded Open NAV Products


CoinWealth's Allocation

Issue Total count Allocation
IEO 20.8 million 16.0%
Team 16.9 million 13.0%
Pool liquidity 2.6 million 2.0%
Staking reserve 36.4 million 28.0%
Future sale reserve 53.3 million 41.0%
Total 130 million 100%

CoinWealth's Funds usage

CoinWealth platform development
CoinWealth product marketing
CoinWealth research & compliance
New Geographics, Products & Investments


CoinWealth Token Sale Timeline..

  1. Private sale


    13th Nov 2021 - 27th Nov 2021

  2. Seed Sale

    Phase - 1

    13th Dec 2021 - 19th Dec 2021

  3. Public Issue

    Phase - 2

    15th Jan 2022 - 23rd Jan 2022

  4. IEO Final

    Phase - 3

    06th Feb 2022 - 13th Feb 2022